Investment Budget

  1. Initial investment of 2-2.5 billion Baht. (Depending on shop size and location)
  2. Entrance fee (Franchise fee) 300,000 THB / 3 years

Granting benefits to franchisees

  • The right to use the name and unique trademark of “Mr. Bun”
  • Full support of store design, construction control, interior design, and all related systems to be standardised such as electricity, plumbing pipes, and water supply.
  • Full support of all necessary materials supply; equipment, containers, tools, and appliances.
  • Providing advice in business administration, business management, human resources, marketing, and services.
  • Providing personnel training: theory and on field on production.
  • Providing necessary document: personnel training, store management, food and beverage production.
  • “Mr. Bun” Goodwill, which having customers base across the country, makes the business growing faster and more chance of success than creating own business.

Franchise Contact

  •  Tel. 063-9044888, 063-9044999
  •  E-mail:,